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Sensational triumph in Karlovo 2009

08 2009

imageThe consecutive round of the Off-road Championship came to its end. After a long break, the team of FACE CONTROL returned to the competition with a brand new car and a convincing triumph. Right before the start of the competition, the experts predict the quick dropping off of the new vehicle of the FACE CONTROL OFFROAD TEAM. According to their opinion “the tourist” features of the Pajero cannot combine with the “barbarian” style of Ivo. People were betting when Ivo would break down the new vehicle. 

imageAt the finish line of the first stage, it became clear, that Varbanov came here in order to win. With 5.17 minutes advantage (3 hours 16 minutes and 31 seconds) he leaded the temporary standings. During the second day the team had some problems with the navigation and it endured a short delay at the service park, but till the end of the day and after a triumphal last round Ivo ended the day as a convincing leader in the temporary standings. The time advantage that he had guaranteed him the first place in the final standings in case he went through the last round without any technical problems.

The closed round went with moderate time and the team finished with forth best time, which ensured the victory of the team.

Rozita Borisova




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